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 Our independent agents do NOT charge a fee for services. We are proudly paid commissions by private insurance companies. Our service to you is FREE of charge.

If you enroll in a plan over the phone with a telemarketer, are you really getting what you want? Do they understand what you need? Did they verify all of your doctors in the plan? Did they clearly answer your questions? Were they in a hurry to get off the phone?

By working directly with one of our agents or agencies you can feel confident that they will do their best to exceed your expectations as well as be available for you to call following enrollment. You can reach them directly with questions, if you need to make a change, if you are moving out of your plan area or have a claim issue. 

Our clients really appreciate the fact that we strive to establish one-on-one relationships, especially in times when you are dealing with a stressful situation and need answers.


Our service is $0 to You.

Our Commitment to You


 We are committed to understand your coverage needs. We research your prescriptions and identify the cost and co-pay of each. We uncover the deductibles and you select how you prefer to get them (mail-order or specific pharmacy location).

What hospital do you prefer? Who are your providers? Are you a snowbird or out of the area from time to time? Do you want access to providers beyond your home area? 

Medicare Advantage plans vary from State to State. We are committed to find you a plan that fits you best. 


Our goal is to find a suitable Medicare Advantage, Medigap Supplement and Part D  drug solution that checks all-of your boxes and fits you best!

  * You want to keep your doctors. 

  * You want all of prescriptions covered. 

  * You want a price you can afford.

You may qualify for extra help with prescription drug or premiums!

... we want to have these discussions.           

Are you looking for more than just a healthcare plan such as gym membership, hearing aids, dental, vision, eye wear, etc.

Your plan is fitted to You.

Medicare Resource Solutions, Inc


  As a family owned business, Medicare Resource Solutions, Inc is a Managing General Agent. We thrive on helping independent agents and agencies grow their Medicare insurance business to unprecedented levels.

Our sole focus is partnering with you in all aspects of contracting, certifications, and training to establish a successful implementation of Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug programs.

We support you year-round with ongoing marketing campaigns no matter how large or small.

Whether that means helping you service your clients, expand into new areas, maintaining a competitive portfolio of private insurance company plans or simply helping draw individuals and new Medicare plan members to connect with you, we will help you grow your business and integrate Medicare insurance plans that best serves your area of business. 


We are here to work for You .

Medicare Advantage, Supplement & Part D information, news letters, Plan Comparisons based upon Zip Code, and online Enrollments coming soon!

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