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Helping You Enroll in Medicare Insurance Plans

When enrolling in a medical insurance plan, you have a lot to consider. You have to make sure that the professionals handling your enrollment understand and prioritize your needs.

At Medicare Resource Solutions, Inc., you can count on us to address all of your questions clearly. Additionally, we will pay the utmost attention to detail when discussing every aspect of your plan—from the fees you need to pay to the list of doctors included in your network of providers.

Offering Assistance at No Cost to You

By working directly with one of our agencies and representatives, you can breathe easy knowing that your plan is being handled by professionals who strive to exceed your expectations. Our independent agents do not charge a fee for our services rendered. Instead, we get paid in commissions by the private insurance companies we work with.

Maintaining an Open Line of Communication

We are available for you to call before, during, and even after your enrollment. You can reach out to us directly with any questions. We can also assist you if you are looking to make a change, move out of your plan’s coverage area, or address a claim issue.

Establishing One-on-One Connections

When calling us, most of our clients really appreciate the fact that we strive to establish one-on-one relationships, especially in times when they are dealing with a stressful situation or looking for answers. We gladly assist each of them in finding an insurance plan without breaking the bank.

Understanding Our Process

In pursuit of our goal of understanding your coverage needs, we research your prescriptions and identify the costs, co-pays, and deductibles of each one. We also offer options on how you would prefer to get them—either through mail order or at a specific pharmacy location.

Our agents consider your hospital preferences and your providers when recommending a plan. If you are a snowbird or out of the area from time to time, you can inform us, so we can tailor your plan and give you access to providers beyond your locale.

Giving You Access to Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans vary from one state to another. As a result, knowing all the practical details of your insurance coverage is necessary. Turn to our team at Medicare Resource Solutions, Inc. for assistance, and we will guide you through the process. We are fully committed to finding a plan that fits you best.


  • Keep Your Doctors in Your Network

  • Have Your Prescriptions Covered

  • Pay the Price That Meets Your Budget

  • Qualify for Extra Help With Prescription Drugs/Premiums

  • Apply for a Gym Membership

  • Get Access to Hearing Aids

  • Receive Dental Coverage

  • Monitor Your Vision

  • Purchase Eyewear


Our goal is to give you access to a suitable Medicare Advantage, Medigap Supplement, and Medicare Part D prescription drug plan that ticks all the boxes for you. We will be more than happy to discuss and fulfill your needs, whether you want to:

Contact our independent insurance agents who specialize in Medicare Health Plans for additional information. We look forward to hearing from you!


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