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If you are new to Medicare and turning 65, let us be the first to wish you.. 

Happy Birthday!! 


Welcome to Medicare


We would like to help you find the Plan that will benefit you most at the lowest possible cost. Finding your way through the options is a lot easier when you have a trustworthy guide.  

  • Ready to RETIRE?

  • Are you NEW to Medicare?

  • Do you qualify for EXTRA help?

  • Losing your EMPLOYER Insurance?

  • Need HELP understanding Medicare?

  • Are you enrolled in MEDICAID & Medicare?

  • Changing residence? MOVING Out-of-State?

  • What is a Payback plan? Would it WORK for You?

  • EMPLOYER vs. Medicare Supplement. Which is BEST?


Medicare Advantage Enrollment Advisor

Before enrolling into Medicare Advantage, you need to know if your prescription drugs are covered by the plan, are your doctors in the network, are you being treated by multiple providers or you require surgery??

Do you like to travel or visit friends or family away from home or are you a snowbird?

Are you interested in a gym membership, vision, dental, etc.

Are there deductibles? How much does it Cost?

Each year, we are Certified to identify which company and plan offers the benefits you are looking for.


No Cost to You

Working directly with our Agents, our number one goal is to exceed your expectations from the start. To match your needs to the benefits being offered at a cost that is right for you.

We NEVER charge a fee for our services.

If you are pleased with us and the service we provide, we hope that you will share that information with your family & friends.

Work for You.


Direct Agent Contact

Our Agent will offer you their direct phone number. Feel free to call them anytime you wish to discuss features of your plan so that you can maximize the benefits being offered by your plan.

Servicing you is utmost important to us because we want you to be pleased with us and stay with us. That is why we are directly responsible for the work we do for you.

We are Certified Independent Agents who work for You.

Established Relationship

We establish and build upon relationships. As your Agent, we are able to think outside-of-the box and find solutions for changes in needs, find network providers, ancillary benefits, denied claims & concerns...

No need to think twice about it...

Call us.

We work for YOU.


Dynamic Needs Analysis

As plans change each year, we are able to keep a running list of your prescriptions in our databank so that we can easily updated your drug list accordingly anytime.

Plans change, needs change, and deductibles change as well.

We may be able to save you time & money by helping you adjust your plan choice without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Let us go to work for YOU.

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Checklist

Medicare Advantage Plans vary depending upon where you live and the type of benefits offered by the plan.


  • Keep your DOCTORS

  • Cover your PRESCRIPTIONS

  • Copays meet your BUDGET

  • Qualify for Extra Help

  • Gym Memberships

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  • Hearing Aids

  • Dental

  • Vision/Eyewear

  • Wellness REWARDS

  • OTC Cards

Medicare Advantage Enrollment-check all-of-your-boxes!

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