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National Principal | Medicare Resource Solutions, Inc.

Deb Adams

Experience, knowledge, dedication, record of accomplishment, available... just some of the comments we receive from our clients every day at Medicare Resource Solutions. We want to provide you with our BEST effort in helping you enroll into your plan, too! 

I would like to help you find the Plan that will benefit you the most at the lowest possible cost. Finding your way through the options is a lot easier when you have a trustworthy guide.

If you already have a plan and want a Medicare Check-up... You have come to the right place. Many years of experience working as a financial planner has transferred into my approach to plan selection. If you ever spoke with a tele-salesperson over the phone, you may have noticed how scripted they handled the call. That is par for the course for tele sales because they are not allowed to stray from the script. Their job it to sign up as many people as they can in an hour. You deserve better than that.

It you feel comfortable clicking on one of the companies named below, please do. You will be able to see plans offered in your home area. You can call me with any questions or send me an email. The system will save you information. Either way, I will be your Agent.

And if you want to help yourself and enroll, you are welcome to do so; the system is designed to be consumer facing.

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Gannon University / Erie, PA

Academic Excellence Award in Risk Management
Gannon University / Erie, PA

Anita Benedetti Student Involvement Award
Risk Insurance Management Society, Boston, MA

Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®)
The American College / Bryn Mawr, PA